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How It Works:

Video Lessons

Music with a Master
Innovative Music Mentorship

Renowned musicians present powerful video curriculum with insights that only a pro can provide on playing, writing, recording and arranging music with a focus on helping you better express yourself as a musician.

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Feedback Sessions

Interactive Instruction
MCL Advisers

Expert musical instructors (Y.M.F. Certified instructors) are on stand-by to help you with exclusive feedback sessions – upload video music questions, get video responses.

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MCL - Musician's Creativity Lab

MCL's Creative Hybrid Learning Format =

music mastery.

MCL provides you with a comprehensive video curriculum that covers playing, theory, and technique in our Video Lessons.
Those can be paired with individually tailored expert video advice from certified MCL Advisers in our Feedback Sessions.

This harmonious combo helps you play YOUR music that much better.

Video Lessons

We have teamed up with some the most renowned musicians in the business who pull back the curtain just for us, and now for you. This powerful video music curriculum will show you never-before-seen detailed techniques, tips and tricks for choosing equipment, and insight that only a pro has on playing, writing, recording, and arranging music.

Our innovative approach to online music education that is curriculum, not "lesson", based will not only help you better play the music you want to, it will help you become the musician you have always wanted to be.

Feedback Sessions

After you've been through the extensive and captivating video lessons, you can go even further in your musical learning by getting your own feedback from our certified MCL Advisers who aren't just musicians, they are music education pros.

Using your smart phone, tablet, laptop or computer, record your music and related question, our MCL Advisers, music educators trained to best teach you how to learn music, will then follow up with personalized video responses tailored to your needs.

Master the joy of the ukulele with this six-time GRAMMY Winner for Best Hawaiian Music Album, Daniel Ho

Innovative Music Mentorship

Daniel Ho is not only a world renown ukulelist, but he's also a guitarist, drummer, keyboardist, composer, arranger, and producer, and brings all the knowledge from his wide mastery of music directly to you in this in-depth video series, "Daniel Ho Ukulele World".

Whether you have plans to go pro, or just want to play locally and for friends, the ukulele has rich traditions in Hawaiian culture that lets you play everything from campfire jams to classical concertos take-with-you-anywhere, and you can learn to master it with GRAMMY winner Daniel Ho who will guide you through progressively detailed video lessons. You'll then have the chance for follow-up feedback sessions to answer your questions with an MCL Adviser.

Take Me to Artist's Video Lessons

MCL - Musician's Creativity Lab

Grow by Leaps and Bounds

with artist approved Adviser Feedback Sessions

MCL's Feedback Sessions are a new online music education system where MCL members post music related questions in video format, and then trained MCL advisers respond directly to the videos. Ask what you want to help you focus on just the points you're looking for professional feedback on.

Do you want to learn how to play a phrase you just can't get on your own? Do you want feedback on a piece you wrote? Do you want to ask if there's another approach to a musical quandary you have? Feedback Sessions are flexible and personal, so they help build you up into the musician you want to become.

Since it's a video you can watch it as many times as you like from anywhere. Feedback Sessions fit your lifestyle perfectly.

Take Me to Course Feedback Sessions
MCL Certified Adviser Jason Arimoto

MCL Certified Adviser: Jason Arimoto

Let's make music together.

MCL and You.

Americana and folk fans- here's where you can dive into Hawaiian culture, by leaning ukulele from respected composer Daniel Ho.

Still have questions after Daniel's behind-the-scenes video lessons? Take advantage of our specially trained and certified music educators, MCL Advisers, and upload a music question or problem you need solved.