MCL - Musician's Creativity Lab

How It Works:

Video Lessons

Music with a Master
Innovative Music Mentorship

Renowned musicians present powerful video curriculum with insights that only a pro can provide on playing, writing, recording and arranging music with a focus on helping you better express yourself as a musician.

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Feedback Sessions

Interactive Instruction
MCL Advisers

Expert musical instructors (Y.M.F. Certified instructors) are on stand-by to help you with exclusive feedback sessions – upload video music questions, get video responses.

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MCL - Musician's Creativity Lab

MCL's Creative Hybrid Learning Format =

music mastery.

MCL provides you with a comprehensive video curriculum that covers playing, theory, and technique in our Video Lessons.
Those can be paired with individually tailored expert video advice from certified MCL Advisers in our Feedback Sessions.

This harmonious combo helps you play YOUR music that much better.

Video Lessons

We have teamed up with some the most renowned musicians in the business who pull back the curtain just for us, and now for you. This powerful video music curriculum will show you never-before-seen detailed techniques, tips and tricks for choosing equipment, and insight that only a pro has on playing, writing, recording, and arranging music.

Our innovative approach to online music education that is curriculum, not "lesson", based will not only help you better play the music you want to, it will help you become the musician you have always wanted to be.

Feedback Sessions

After you've been through the extensive and captivating video lessons, you can go even further in your musical learning by getting your own feedback from our certified MCL Advisers who aren't just musicians, they are music education pros.

Using your smart phone, tablet, laptop or computer, record your music and related question, our MCL Advisers, music educators trained to best teach you how to learn music, will then follow up with personalized video responses tailored to your needs.

Master Jazz and Fusion Guitar With Legendary Artist Lee Ritenour

Innovative Music Mentorship

In a series of exclusive videos, legendary jazz guitarist Lee Ritenour shows you the craft of guitar playing, breaking down the styles, techniques, tricks of the trade and gear you need to make the best of your playing and find your own musical identity. In addition, Ritenour shows you essential listening lists of classic guitars and also shows you how to learn the specialized art of improvisation. The lessons are broken down into 20-30 minute videos for you to watch and re-watch to pick up on the wealth of information that Ritenour has to share from his decades of work as a well-respected player along many other guitar greats, which he discusses here too.

Lee shows you how it's important to slow down, listen and think about your playing to find your own identity and sound.

Program Details
MCL - Musician's Creativity Lab

Let's make music together.

MCL and You.

Making music means that you're part of a tradition. See how you can learn how to really play your own music from the great guitarists with Lee Ritenour as your guide as he talks about his own favorite guitarists and provides essential listening lists for you.

With an MCL membership, you will also learn directly from guitarist Lee Ritenour's insight and career industry and insider knowledge.

Love R&B, soul? Want to add a little jazz to your rock? Make it even funkier by learning to master your sound during this comprehensive inclusive curriculum. These aren't just lessons teaching you chords and phrases, they're a path to better musical expression.

Still have questions after Lee's behind-the-scenes video lessons? Take advantage of our specially trained and certified music educators, MCL Advisers, and upload a music question or problem you need solved.

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