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Video Lessons

Music with a Master
Innovative Music Mentorship

Follow a comprehensive video curriculum, composed by career musicians, and consisting of unique insight developed over a lifetime of practice. Made not to develop one skill, technique or playstyle -- but instead to accelerate your growth as an artist, so you can find your voice as a musician.

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Feedback Sessions

Interactive Instruction
MCL Advisers

Have a question after you’ve finished a lesson video? Ask our professional musicians who are Yamaha Music Foundation certified in music education. Upload a video question, get a video response from MCL experts and discover how to move forward with your latest artistic challenge.

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MCL - Musician's Creativity Lab

MCL's Creative Hybrid Learning Format =

music mastery.

MCL’s video curriculum isn’t about learning to play any one genre or technique. It’s about learning to become a better musician with a holistic curriculum that can help you improve multiple aspects of your abilities at the same time… and realizing how to fully develop your own artistic vision.

Because when you have harmony in practice, you’ll have harmony in play.

Video Lessons

What are the things distinguished musicians wish they had known earlier in their career? We teamed up with some of the best musicians alive to develop an entirely unique musical curriculum. Including detailed techniques, tricks for choosing equipment, and the sort of nuanced insight that can only be developed over a lifetime of living music.

Learning from experience means learning faster, and our approach to music education means you’re never learning one skill at a time. Each lesson builds on another, so every skill you learn harmonizes with the rest. Meaning musicians can become better in multiple domains simultaneously, including recording, writing, arrangement, and performance.

Feedback Sessions

Have a question after you’ve finished a lesson? Shoot a video and ask. It could be about theory, technique, creativity, or anything else about music. MCL’s music educators will listen to your problem and then follow up with a personalized video response. In addition to finding the answers you need to move forward with your musical project, expert insight can help you find entirely new ways of approaching your question.

Master Bass Guitar with THE Billy Sheehan

Innovative Music Mentorship

From Talas and David Lee Roth band to Mr. Big and Winery Dogs to name a few, Billy Sheehan has spent four decades rocking stages with his famously unique leading style and original techniques. In an exclusive series, Billy demonstrates how the techniques he developed can be adapted to help develop your own artistic ideas, and how any bassist can steadily improve by mastering the fundamentals of their instrument.

Using some of the motion-enhancing and strength building exercises Sheehan still practices to this day, Billy explores how these exercises help improve your fretboard awareness, improvisational skills, and compositional skills. Even if you don’t need to play as fancy or fast as Sheehan, his experienced approach can train your hands to move exactly how you want.

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MCL - Musician's Creativity Lab

Grow by Leaps and Bounds

with artist approved Adviser Feedback Sessions

MCL's Feedback Sessions are a new online music education system where MCL members post music related questions in video format, and then trained MCL advisers respond directly to the videos. Ask what you want to help you focus on just the points you're looking for professional feedback on.

Do you want to learn how to play a phrase you just can't get on your own? Do you want feedback on a piece you wrote? Do you want to ask if there's another approach to a musical quandary you have? Feedback Sessions are flexible and personal, so they help build you up into the musician you want to become.

Since it's a video you can watch it as many times as you like from anywhere. Feedback Sessions fit your lifestyle perfectly.

Take Me to Course Feedback Sessions
MCL Certified Adviser Kilian Duarte

MCL Certified Adviser: Kilian Duarte

Let's make music together.

MCL and You.

Are you looking to discover your own voice as a musician? Trying to become a better player or composer? Having guidance from experts like Sheehan can save you from enormous amounts of inefficient practice. Improper technique can only hurt you in the long run, but the right guidance can ensure your practice is always headed in the right direction.

Better musicians are made by borrowing from the artists who came before them. Absorbing their knowledge, understanding what makes their methods work, and eventually building on their experience to create something totally new. Something totally unique to the artist.

It takes career musicians a lifetime to learn everything they know. With membership to MCL, you can start practicing with their insights and techniques in minutes. Members who still have questions can ask our specially trained educators. Upload a music question, get a music answer.