Musician's Creativity Lab

The site that brings artists and music aficionados together in a creative hybrid lesson format.

To help you become the musician you've always dreamed of becoming and master music making, we offer two unique styles of lessons to combine as needed. Learn more about them here:

Video Lesson

WATCH-AND-LEARN: You take a video course created by an amazing well-known artist.

Feedback Session

ASK-AND-INTERACT: You can ask questions and clear up points you don't understand.

Musician's Creativity Lab offers these courses and services at your convenience wherever you are and whenever you want to log on.

*If you don't need personal feedback from an MCL Adviser, you can always just sign up for the Video Courses portion of the program.

Video Lesson

Welcome to a new comprehensive music learning experience

Musician's Creativity Lab Video Lessons make up a special curriculum help you master music from many angles.

The material is fun and extensive so you can get all you can out of your instrument and music-making.

- Members Only Experience -

Just for our members we get your favorite artists to share everything they know about how to play and master your instrument & genre including:

  • A pro's knowledge of your instrument
    (See our Programs page and choose your artist / instrument)
  • Music theory
  • How to get the most out of your instrument
  • Effective practice methods
  • Performance techniques: level up your playing style
  • Sound creation techniques: learn next level skills
  • Music making: we get you ready to express your own sound
  • Musical arrangements: get all the instruments in sync and in harmony
  • Ensemble performance techniques: play better in a band

These lesson are a "Back Stage Pass" to your favorite artists minds where they share with you their own one-of-kind insights about their experience as a musician which will help you grow as a musician.

Our streaming lessons provide you with premium pre-recorded videos, individualized for you as you can choose the term and courses that are best for you.

Join the MCL music mastery movement today!


Feedback Session

Exclusive feedback sessions with certified MCL Advisers

You've done great with our Video Lessons from our MCL Video Courses and now it's time to kick it up a notch and get even deeper and more direct with your music.
Now you're ready for your own exclusive, personal Feedback Sessions.

- You need some guidance. We're here for you -

During or even after you're finished with our extensive Video Course, you're probably full of questions about your playing and you need some answers. No problem, we've got you covered. That's where our Feedback Sessions come in.

In our special feedback sessions, we'll provide you with individualized suggestions, tips and advice about your playing, all based on your needs. Including help when you:

  • Have trouble with getting a certain playing technique just right
  • Need pointers on playing
  • Can't get a practice method right
  • Have trouble copying and playing what you've seen in a Video Lesson
  • Anything else related to what's been covered in a Video Lesson

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