Q1.For who is MCL intended for?

This program is intended for those who have experience in playing their instrument, however beginners may enjoy some of the exercises as well as the musical concepts and insights provided by the artist.

Q2.Can the language used in a Video Lesson be changed?

Only Japanese is available for videos delivered on the Japanese site, and only English is available for videos delivered on the English site.

Q3.What is a Video Lesson?

They are pre-recorded video lessons in which we provide you with a curriculum constructed by the artist on the basis of his/her experience and musical knowledge.

Q4.I would like to buy the score for a song used in a Video Lesson.

The site does not sell any scores for songs, but will deliver publication information about the songs featured by the Video Lessons in "LATEST NEWS".

Q5.What is the content of a Video Lesson?

The Video Lessons cover a wide range of elements necessary for enjoying music, ranging from musical instrument techniques to knowledge of songwriting, arrangement, band performance, and creation of musical sounds. Please refer to the PROGRAMS section of this site to see what kind of content is provided.

Q6.Can I watch a Video Lesson on a smartphone?

Yes, you can watch it on a smartphone. We recommend that you enjoy this program in a WiFi environment due to the video streaming format.

Q7.Can a Video Lesson be downloaded?

No, a video cannot be downloaded. This service is made available only in the streaming format.

Q8.Can a Feedback Session be sent with a smartphone?

Yes, you can shoot your video and send it with a smartphone. But we recommend that you send it by using a WiFi connection for reasons of communication traffic volume.

Q9.What is the length of a video that can be sent on a Feedback Session?

The length of a video that can be sent is 5 minutes or less.

Q10.What is a Feedback Session?

It is a portion of the service that provides you with individualized suggestions, tips and advice about your playing. You have the option of receiving advice video from an MCL Adviser after sending you upload your practice video with your questions.

Q11.When is advice for a Feedback Session given?

Advice will be given within 7 days after uploading your video.

Q12.Can advice for a Feedback Session be downloaded?

Advice cannot be downloaded. The advice video is available only in streaming format.

Q13.What languages are supported on a Feedback Session?

Advice can be given in either Japanese or English.

Q14.Does a ticket for a Feedback Session have an expiration date?

The term of validity of each ticket is one year after purchase.

Q15.How do I send a video of a Feedback Session?

To submit a video request, click the [Upload for Feedback] button in the My Course, and fill out the necessary information.

Q16.Is the MCL Adviser the artist him/herself?

No, the adviser is not the artist him/herself. Advice is given by one of the MCL Advisers who is certified by the artist and Yamaha Music Foundation. The MCL adviser is not the artist him/herself. Feedback is given by one of the MCL Advisers who is certified by the artist and Yamaha Music Foundation. HOWEVER, there are occasional special promotions that specifically involve direct feedback from the artists themselves, watch for these in our NEWS section and on our Social Media

Q17.Who are the MCL Advisers?

All advisers are professional musicians who have been authorized by the artist and have participated in training provided by Yamaha Music Foundation.

Q18.Can I designate an MCL Adviser?

No, you cannot designate an adviser.